Making Your Factory More Productive

You know higher productivity leads to increased profits as well as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. So, how can your organization become a model of efficiency? Use these strategies to make your factory more productive. 

Examine Your Current Workflow 

Before you can make improvements, you need to figure out where you are. Some of your procedures probably work quite well, while others may require an overhaul. Study your line. Where do things run smoothly and why? Where do things slow down and why? And, are you experiencing any bottlenecks? When you have examined your entire process, you’ll be in a better position to build off successes and correct issues.   

Search for Better Solutions 

Once you have recognized potential problems, you and your employees can begin looking for ways to solve them. Ask yourself, what seems to be causing delays? Is it slow equipment? Breakdowns? Lack of staffing? Poorly trained workers? Or, glitches in the supply chain? Examine each concern individually and brainstorm possible ideas for overcoming your challenges.   

Consider Investing in Smarter Tools and Methods 

What do you think will help your overall productivity? Will it be advanced technology? New machinery? Additional employees? Specialized training? Or, a leaner supply chain? Investigate how to make these improvements a reality. You may need to budget for equipment and/or training, to hire more people or to purchase from different vendors. Keep in mind, upgrades often require an upfront investment. However, if a change costs you $5,000 and saves you $50,000 annually, it’s well worth the money.  

Provide Proper Training 

Especially when you buy updated equipment or technology, be sure to train your employees accordingly. After all, if your workers don’t know how to maximize the potential of a new (or even an existing) device or procedure, you’ll end up wasting resources.  

Make Safety an Integral Part of Your Culture 

Certainly, your organization understands safety is important. You want to protect both your workers and your company’s reputation. But, can a well-executed program result in higher productivity? Although many managers worry safety initiatives may be expensive and cumbersome, in reality, research shows a direct link between safety management and business success. When employees believe an employer has their best interests at heart, the benefits extend far beyond a lower accident rate. A strong safety climate also increases engagement, job satisfaction, retention and, of course, productivity.  

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