How to Improve Your Manufacturing Hiring Process

You want to add the best people to your manufacturing team. But how can you make sure this happens? Use these strategies to improve your manufacturing hiring process.

Expand Your Recruiting Efforts

With the unemployment rate at a 50-year low, businesses across the United States are struggling to find qualified workers. Because of this, advertising job openings is no longer enough to attract the talent you need. Therefore, many companies are turning to more creative recruiting solutions. These include building a stronger brand, leveraging social media as a hiring tool, soliciting referrals, offering internships and on-the-job training, and/or partnering with a recruiting firm. The more candidates you can attract, the better your chances of discovering the right person.   

Clearly Define the Position

Businesses usually know WHO they want to hire. However, they forget to identify WHAT they need this person to accomplish. For example, design engineers may fulfill a variety of roles depending on the industry and the company. Before you begin the hiring process, write down five to ten outcomes you would like your new employee to achieve. Then, base your job description and your evaluation metrics on these criteria. 

Make Hiring a Priority

Most companies recognize the importance of hiring, but then they fail to give the process the attention it deserves. Think about the last person you brought into your organization. Did you follow thoughtfully designed procedures to sort resumes, conduct interviews and compare candidates? Or was everything haphazard? A disorganized process not only results in bad hires but also leaves candidates unimpressed. After all, if you don’t take hiring seriously, applicants won’t be very motivated to join your team.     

Involve Current Employees

Many manufacturing organizations leave hiring to HR managers and supervisors. Unfortunately, sometimes, these professionals overlook key details simply because they are not 100% familiar with the position. Your employees, on the other hand, are on the floor day and day out. They have a real-life understanding of the skills and personality traits required to get the job done. As a result, including them in the hiring process can work to your advantage. They may be able to assist with defining the role, reviewing resumes and/or conducting interviews.    

Test Candidates’ Skills

Despite their popularly, conventional interviews often don’t work. According to hiring expert Scott Wintrip, this is because candidates are on their best behavior. “They say what you want to hear and share only the best parts of their backgrounds.” Instead, Wintrip advocates the use of experiential interviews or work sample tests. In other words, ask candidates to demonstrate (not just tell about) their skills. This could involve fixing a machine, designing a simple product or collaborating with a team. Rather than guessing what they can do, you’ll get a glimpse of their actual abilities. And, this leads to more-informed hiring.     

Are You Ready to Improve Your Manufacturing Hiring Process?

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