How Workplace Performance Can Be Affected by Employee Morale


Employee morale is the outlook your employees have on your organization. This impacts the confidence your employees have in the company.

High engagement, performance, and productivity indicate high employee morale. Conversely, low engagement, performance, and productivity indicate low employee morale.

As a result, providing necessary resources and support can increase employee engagement, performance, and productivity. This leads to higher employee morale.

Discover how employee morale can affect workplace performance and what you can do to increase both:

Lead by Example

As a manager, your behavior impacts your employees’ behavior. As a result, you should model the actions you would like to see in your team.

For instance, regularly talk with your employees about their work. Include what they recently finished, what they are working on, and what they plan to do next. Also, reinforce how your employees’ contributions and results impact the company’s goals. These actions encourage strong workplace performance and employee morale.

Show that you care about your employees. For instance, give credit where it is due. Also, allow for flexibility to accommodate your team’s needs. Plus, regularly check in to see how your employees are doing.

Be transparent about company changes, team challenges, and other issues. Create a safe space for employees to discuss their problems, feel supported, and find solutions.

Request feedback from your team. Implement the feedback whenever possible.

Build Trust with Your Employees

Empower your team to perform their work autonomously. Encourage your employees to make decisions, develop their skills, and learn from their mistakes. These actions show that your employees’ ideas and perspectives matter. They also elevate workplace performance and employee morale.

Regularly recognize and reward your employees. Include their specific accomplishments and impact on the organization. Provide a bonus, pay increase, or promotion when appropriate.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Provide remote or hybrid work arrangements and a flexible schedule if possible. Also, ensure your employees have enough work to stay busy without feeling overwhelmed. Remind your team to take regular breaks and an hour for lunch.

Prioritizing work-life balance reduces the risk of employee burnout. It also increases workplace performance and employee morale.

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