How to Successfully Start Your New Manufacturing Job

You’ve accepted an offer, and your job hunt is over! So, are you ready to get to work? If you’re a little nervous, that’s OK. Here’s how to successfully start your new manufacturing job.

Four Tips for Successfully Starting a New Manufacturing Job

1. Prepare an Elevator Pitch

On your first day, everyone is going to want to know WHO you are. To make your life easier, prepare a 30-second introductory elevator pitch. Begin by giving an overview of your education and work experience. Then, talk about what drew you to this company. And feel free to throw in a few personal details especially if they’re relatable. For example, if someone is wearing a Minnesota Twins baseball hat, you could mention you’re also a fan.

2. Ask Questions

When you’re confused about something, don’t wing it. Ask for clarification. However, recognize there is a fine line between asking reasonable questions and annoying everyone with constant inquires. Most new jobs have a learning curve. Thus, try to figure things out on your own before asking for assistance. On the other hand, if you genuinely feel you need extra support, talk to your supervisor. Many organizations have buddy or mentorship programs available for new hires.

3. Set Individual Goals

As part of the onboarding process, you may sit down with your supervisor to discuss your long and short-term goals. If not, this is something you should do on your own. Consider what you want to accomplish at this organization AND in your career. Then, set objectives accordingly. Just be sure to set SMART goals to keep you on track. For example, “Learn as much as possible,” is too vague. A better objective would be “Complete all the required safety training modules within two weeks.”

4. Get to Know Your Team

Even if you’re not a social butterfly, it’s important to get to know your coworkers. After all, you will be spending a considerable amount of time with these people. This doesn’t mean they need to be your best friends, but you should work toward forming meaningful connections. Instead of eating lunch alone at your desk, walk down the break room. Accept invitations to go out after work, attend company parties and engage in casual conversations. These small interactions will help you to truly become part of the team.

Put in the Time

Reaching full productivity in a new job requires a certain amount of hustle. This is not the time to slack off. Of course, you shouldn’t be logging 70 hours per week either, but DO stay focused. At least for the first six months or so, try to limit distractions as well as time-off requests.

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