How to Show Your Workers Appreciation During the Holiday Season

This has been a long year for everyone. So, how can you thank your employees for all they’ve done? Here’s how to show your workers appreciation during the holiday season. 

Top Ideas for Showing Your Workers Appreciation During the Holiday Season 

Schedule Extra Time Off 

The holidays are hectic, and everyone could use the gift of timeTherefore, consider giving your employees a few bonus days off in November and December. Of course, if the end of the year is your busy season, this may not be possible. In that case, try to fit in a few half days. Or add extra vacation days workers can use after January 1st.            

Give Gifts 

Presents are a long-standing holiday tradition. And although your company may not be able to afford elaborate gifts during this economic downturn, it’s the thought that counts. Many organizations contribute to their employee’s seasonal meals by passing out turkeys, hams, fruit basketsbaked goods or boxes of candySome gift-giving services, like Sugarwish, even allow recipients to customize their food choices. Gift cards are another popular optionYou could support your regional economy by letting your employees pick gift certificates from local businesses. Or send everyone a prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere.   

Write Thank You Notes 

A simple handwritten thank you note can make a holiday present more meaningful or serve as a gift by itself.  These notes don’t have to belong, but you DO want to personalize each message. Focus on each employee’s specific strengths and achievements while also acknowledging their ongoing contributions to the company. If writing isn’t your strengththank your team members in person instead. This is another wonderful way to finish out the year     

Throw a Party 

The Coronavirus pandemic may have put your annual holiday celebration on hold. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can still have some fun. Organize an elegant catered lunch, set up a hot cocoa and dessert station or a book a winter employee outing.   

Honor Diverse Traditions 

In the middle of December, it’s easy to forget lots of people don’t observe Christmas. And especially if you’ve encouraged diversity in the workplacemany of your employees may hold different beliefs. Honor their customs by celebrating the time of year rather than specific holidaysTo be inclusive, encourage everyone to discuss and share their favorite traditions without emphasizing one over another. In addition, offer floating days off so employees can match their work schedule to their own personal seasonal festivities    

Are You Looking for More Ways to Show Your Workers Appreciation? 

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