How to Properly Respond to a Job Offer by Email

After you receive a verbal job offer, you likely will receive an email with the written offer. Whether you read over the information and decide to accept or decline the offer, request more information, or negotiate, you need to respond in a reasonable amount of time. Knowing what to include and some suggested formats for your response can make the process easier.

Follow these guidelines to properly respond to an emailed job offer.

How to Accept the Job Offer

If you have all the necessary information and want the job, let the person who sent you the offer know. Include a clear acceptance of the job offer and confirmation of your job title and start date. Finish by asking about the next steps. For example:

Hello Paula,

Thanks for sharing the details of the offer with me. I’m excited to accept the role of associate product manager. I can’t wait to join the team on April 3rd!

Please let me know what the next steps are and what I need to do or sign before onboarding.


Stephanie Jurss

How to Decline the Job Offer

If you decide not to accept the job, show appreciation for everyone’s time and the offer. If you want to give a reason, you might indicate you decided to go in another direction. Close with an invitation to keep in touch. For example:

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for the opportunity to meet the team last week. I enjoyed learning about the communications manager role and was excited to receive the job offer. However, I’ve decided this role is not the right fit for my career goals at this time.

I hope I have the chance to work with you in the future. Please keep in touch!


Kim Dawson-Brooks

How to Request More Information or Time

If you require additional details or time to consider the offer, clearly communicate what you need. Make sure your question is clear and asked in a way that shows not having the information is preventing you from making a decision about the offer. Or, let the employer know you are waiting on another offer and need more time. For example:

Hello Jennifer,

I was very excited to receive the job offer for the sales trainer role. I would like to talk with a few more team members to get a better sense of the company culture before I make a decision. Would this be possible to arrange?

I would appreciate more time to consider the role. Could I get back to by the 15th? Thank you in advance for your help.


Emily Storm

How to Request a Negotiation

You may want to negotiate salary, benefits, remote work options, or something else. Because this should be done over the phone, you need to send a note to set up a call. Begin by expressing excitement and gratitude for the job offer. Then, request a call to discuss the details and ask questions. For example:

Hello Carrie,

Thank you for offering me the people operations position. I enjoyed meeting everyone and am excited about potentially joining the team!

I have a few questions about the offer that I want to talk with you about, particularly the base salary. Would you have time this week? I’m typically available after 1 pm.


April Rogers

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