How to Look for a Job That Supports Your Mental Health

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Maintaining robust mental health is essential for success at work. As a result, you need a job with a company that prioritizes its employees.

Understanding how to look for a job that supports your mental health helps you avoid working in a toxic environment. Working for a company that promotes employee mental health enables you to remain engaged and productive. Greater job satisfaction leads to long-term job satisfaction.

Implement these tips to look for a job that supports your mental health:

Clarify Your Priorities and Expectations

Define what you are looking for in a job and organization. Focus on the following areas:

  • Company values
  • Employee Resources
  • Flexibility
  • Autonomy
  • Your skills
  • Your strengths
  • Tasks you enjoy

Review Job Postings

Find job postings that fit your skills, experience, salary requirement, and other relevant information. Then, focus on the details in the job descriptions. Consider the following:

  • Company values
  • Wellness Resources
  • Benefits that include mental health services
  • Flexibility
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Scheduling
  • Job duties
  • Job demands
  • The stress level of the job
  • Employee training
  • Career development opportunities
  • Involvement in sustainability issues
  • Involvement in social issues

Set Up Informational Interviews

Schedule a time to talk with current and former employees to see what working for the company is like. Ask about the following:

  • Length of time working for the organization
  • My favorite part of working for the company
  • The most challenging part of working for the company
  • How much flexibility is valued throughout the workday
  • Details about the company’s culture

Look for the following information about the organization:

  • Employees’ physical health
  • Employees’ mental health
  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee morale
  • Employee retention rates

Focus on Company Culture

Use the company website, LinkedIn, employer review sites, and online searches to uncover the following details:

  • Company mission, vision, and values
  • Company reputation
  • Product or service quality
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Company ratings
  • Employer reviews
  • Wellness Resources
  • Mental health services covered by health insurance
  • Absenteeism rates
  • Number of accidents
  • Number of injuries
  • Average healthcare costs
  • Performance issues
  • Productivity rates
  • Turnover rates

Talk with the Interviewer

Ask questions about the company during an interview. Consider discussing the following areas:

  • Company culture
  • Business challenges the job helps resolve
  • Management style
  • Definition of success in the role
  • How success in the position is measured
  • Most valuable employee qualities

Find a Job That Supports Your Mental Health

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