How to Increase Your Manufacturing Productivity

Maintaining productivity at your manufacturing facility is important. It helps get your finished products into the hands of consumers. One way to increase your productivity is by improving your efficiency. The faster the work is done, the more finished products you can produce. This elevates your bottom line.

Implement these tips to improve productivity at your manufacturing facility.

Organize the Workspace

Set up each work area to optimize efficiency. For instance, reduce the amount of movement needed to complete tasks. This includes putting the needed tools and materials in easily accessible places and taking away any unnecessary tools, material, or clutter. It also involves organizing the storage area to easily find the required equipment, materials, and documents.

Review Your Workflows and Processes

Conduct an audit of your workflows and processes. For instance, look for redundancies, pain points, and bottlenecks. Also, consider whether your infrastructure produces more waste than necessary. Additionally, evaluate whether your employees have the right skills and are in the right roles. Then, determine the safety benefit and cost-effectiveness of making the necessary changes. Take action accordingly.

Maintain Your Machinery

Keep your equipment and machinery in proper working condition. Regular maintenance can be scheduled when the equipment or machines are not being used. Be sure to train your operators on regular maintenance and troubleshooting procedures to lower the frequency of bigger, more expensive issues coming up. The longer everything continues to work, the less downtime is needed for repairs.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Determine whether your machines need to be replaced. Any outdated equipment likely is below current standards and costs more to maintain than newer equipment. Improving your material handling systems, assembly line technologies, and other infrastructure maintains efficiency and elevates production.

Improve Your Technology

Your technology needs to be current enough to fit your needs. For instance, you need the proper software to effectively track and manage your inventory. This helps maintain transparency in your supply chain process and optimize the performance of your equipment. Using current software also helps with scheduling and monitoring workflow. Plus, find areas to implement automation. This increases efficiency and decreases the number of errors made. Keep in mind that a significant investment in new technology can lead to substantial savings long-term.

Train Your Employees

Continuously educate and train your team on the issues that affect them the most. For instance, provide daily safety training for employees using safety gear. Also, show your team members how to use your new equipment and technology. Include methods to record training sessions, track individual progress, and schedule refreshers as needed. Plus, provide educational opportunities for employees who want to add to their skill sets and advance within your company.

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