How to Decline a Job Offer

You applied for a job, went through the interview process and received a job offer. But what if you have a better offer from another company? Or what if, upon reflection, you’ve decided this position isn’t the right fit? Here’s how to decline a job offer professionally and respectfully. 

Tops Tips to Decline a Job Offer 

Act Quickly 

For businesses, open positions lower productivity and cost money. So, if you’re sure your answer is “No,” don’t wait around to break the bad newsThe hiring manager will want to move forward as quickly as possible. Of course, the people on the hiring team probably will be disappointed. However, they’ll be even more upset if they discover you strung them along when you had no intentions of accepting the job. 

Consider the Best Way to Connect 

So, should you call, email or text? A good rule of thumb is to reject the job offer the same way it was givenIf the hiring manager emailed you, email back. If the hiring manager called you, call back. That said, a phone conversation always provides a nice, personalized touch. Just try to find a time where you can speak to the person directly. Leaving an “I’ve decided not to take the job, voice mail makes it seem like you are avoiding a tough conversation. In addition, some companies may request an email even if you call. This usually is for record-keeping purposes. 

Say Thank You 

Gratitude is essential. The organization put time and resources into the interview process and chose YOU. Express your appreciation, but don’t go overboard. After all, you aren’t accepting their offer  

Be Firm 

Clearly state your intention so there’s no doubt about your decision. In some cases, the hiring manager may respond, “Is there anything we can do to change your mind?” Although this is a nice gesture, now is not the best time to negotiate your salary. Stand firm and say, “Thank you for asking, but no.”   

Give a Brief Explanation 

Knowing what went wrong can help an organization improve its future hiring effortsYet, there’s no need to burn bridges with uncensored honesty either. Use simple, to-the-point statements such as, “truly felt this position was not the right fit.”

Offer to Stay in Touch 

In the end, maybe you liked the company but not the position. If this is true, you may wish to keep in contact with the hiring manager. Similarly, some professionals see this as a chance to build their network. However, this step is optional. It’s also perfectly fine to end with, “I wish you and your organization all the best.” 

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