How to Create a Positive Warehouse Culture

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, increases productivity and enhances retention. (Forbes, 2018). So, how can you make your warehouse a more inviting place to work? Start with these three strategies.

Top Ways to Create a Positive Warehouse Culture

Prioritize Safety

Think about the concept of prioritizing safety. What does this suggest about your company culture? When you put the safety and wellbeing of your employees first, it says you value your workforce. Of course, enhanced safety measures benefit businesses too. You’ll have fewer injuries, fewer absences and fewer accident-related expenses. Yet, more importantly, you’ll create a more engaged team by improving communication, efficiency and innovation. If this sounds too good to be true, check out the real-life story of Paul O’Neill. When O’Neill took over as CEO of Alcoa in 1987, he emphasized safety over profits (much to the chagrin of Wall Street). However, upon his retirement 13 years later, Alcoa’s net income had quintupled.

Give the Job Meaning

What would happen if your company went out of business? How would it impact your customers? Answering these questions in a productive manner is vital for creating a positive culture. After all, as former SVP of People Operations at Google, Laszlo Bock, points out, “We all want our work to matter.” Show, tell and give your employees ongoing examples of how they are making a difference in this world. Also, keep in mind, your organization couldn’t survive without your warehouse staff. Therefore, always treat them as indispensable members of your team that they are.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

If you told anyone they would be doing the exact same job for the next 40 years, they wouldn’t be very inspired. And your warehouse workers feel the same way. As a result, try to build a culture with room for growth. Luckily, warehouse environments provide multiple opportunities for on-the-job training. You could teach employees how to drive a forklift, repair machinery and/or use inventory tracking software. Or take professional development to the next level by introducing tuition reimbursement packages. In addition, remember, simply offering programs may not be enough. Be sure to advertise possibilities, encourage everyone to participate and celebrate successes. This all requires time and investment on your part, but ultimately, you’ll have a better educated and more loyal staff.

Are You Looking to Add Positive People to Your Warehouse Team?

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