How to Better Motivate Your Manufacturing Team

As a manager in the manufacturing industry, increasing your team’s productivity likely is one of your top priorities. The more productive your team is, the better your bottom line is.

Part of increasing your team’s productivity is providing the motivation for them to accomplish more each day. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to encourage your employees to increase their productivity while keeping them happy.

Implement any of these seven methods to increase motivation and production for your manufacturing team.

1. Customized Incentives

Short-term rewards tend to have a high success rate in persuading employees to work harder.

  • Consider implementation of a piecework bonus system to increase production.
  • Clarify your standards for the quality of work.
  • Leave out any below-standard product from the quantify considered for the bonus.

2. Gainsharing

Improve your employees’ performance without increasing your costs.

  • Establish a baseline performance level.
  • Compare your production numbers to the baseline to determine the gain.
  • Use a predetermined formula to share a portion of the savings with your employees.
  • The payout should be self-funded and paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Bonuses should be distributed throughout an entire production team or unit.

3. Employee and Supervisor Interactions

Employees tend to increase performance when they regularly interact with their supervisor.

  • Express gratitude throughout the day for employees’ contributions.
  • Point out specific ways employees’ results add value to the organization.
  • Thank employees for their hard work when they receive their paychecks.

4. Diverse Tasks

Diversify employee tasks as much as possible.

  • Engagement in different tasks helps avoid monotony.
  • Changing employees’ duties lets them interact with different team members.

5. Safety

Show you care about your employees by maintaining a safe work environment.

  • Keep the work area as clean as possible.
  • Provide safety equipment and ongoing safety training.
  • Regularly check to see whether your employees are following all safety guidelines.

6. Employee Input

Create a suggestion program for employees to provide feedback on their work processes and procedures.

  • Fresh ideas from the employees doing the work lets you tailor the improvements to meet the employees’ needs.
  • Implementation of the feedback shows you value your employees’ cognitive abilities as well as their assembly line skills.

7. Recognition

Create an Employee of the Month program to honor your employees’ hard work and dedication to safety.

  • This type of program combines public praise with competition to improve performance while maintaining safety standards.
  • Provide awareness of safety streaks and money-making ideas your employees come up with.

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