Here’s Why You May Want to Consider Rehiring a Former Employee

You hired someone, and they didn’t work out. Now, they’ve reapplied. Should you look at their application or skip it? Here’s why you may want to consider rehiring a former employee. 

Here’s Why You May Want to Consider Rehiring a Former Employee

Benefits of Rehiring a Former Employee 

  • You Know What You’re Getting
    Hiring is risky. Sometimes a candidate with a perfect resume and a stellar interview performance ends up being a bad hireWhen you bring a former employee back into the fold, you’ve already witnessed their on-the-job strengths, weaknesses and quirks. Therefore, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. 
  • They’ll Reach Full Productivity Faster
    Former employees know the ropes. They understand the ins and outs of the job, and they are familiar with your corporate culture. This means shorter onboarding, lower training costs and faster time to productivity.  
  • Outside Experiences Can Increase an Employee’s Value 

former employee who went back to school, received additional training and/or gained experience at another organization could be a fantastic choice. These individuals bring a unique combination of insider knowledge of your company plus updated expertise and fresh perspectives. And often, this makes them more valuable than if they stayed   

Drawbacks of Rehiring a Former Employee 

  • You May End Up with the Same Problems
    As the old saying goes, “a leopard can’t change its spots.” A former employee who was irresponsible, difficult to manage or unprincipled is unlikely to transform into a completely new person. Thus, it’s important to evaluate the impact of any recognized shortcomings. 
  • Your Former Employee Could Be a Job Hopper
    Finally, you may be dealing with a person who can’t be satisfied. Be sure to check their career progression since they left. If they’ve had six different jobs in the last two years, chances are, they won’t be back for long.    

Other Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Rehire 

  • Why Is This Person a Former Employee?
    While you may eagerly welcome back someone you laid off during a downturn, rehiring someone you fired is more problematic. The conditions of departure should play a role in your choice. 
  • Has Your Company Changed?
    People may leave for many reasons including a personality conflict with managergrueling schedule or a misalignment of personal/corporate values. If your organization has undergone some revisions, this person could be a better fit now than they were before. Yet consider the alternative tooOther times former employees are disappointed to discover things are different than when they left  
  • Will You Other Employees Be Happy to See Them Return?
    One of the best ways to gauge the success of rehiring a former employee is to ask their coworkers. Simply mentioning, “So and so would like to come back,” will prompt an immediate response. If people are enthusiastic, you’re on the right track. Whereas, if you sense hesitancy or concern, you should think twice.  

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