Here’s Why That Recruiter Isn’t Calling You Back

You signed up to work with a recruiting firm, but it’s been weeks since you’ve heard from them. What’s going on?

Here are five reasons why that recruiter isn’t calling you back and what you can do about it. 

1. Your Recruiter Is Busy 

Like everyone else in this world, on occasion, recruiters fall behind. They may be working through an unusually demanding project or dealing with a difficult accountIf you haven’t received a response for a few days, be patient. Your recruiter probably will get back to you when things slow down. However, if you haven’t heard anything for weeks, reach out. Often a simple “checking in” phone call can move you back to the top of the pile.  

2. Your Recruiter Is Still Waiting to Hear Back from a Company 

Sometimes a company’s hiring process takes longer than candidates (and recruiters) would like. The organization may be holding out for the perfect applicantwaiting until a manager returns from vacation or delaying until they can review the most recent earnings reports. Once again, feel free to check in with your recruiter if more than a week has passed. Although they may not be able to give you a definitive answer, at least you’ll know your application is still under consideration. 

3. Your Recruiter Has Bad News 

Most of us would prefer to call with good news rather than bad, and recruiters are no different. They may deliver positive results first and delay those less pleasant conversations for later. If you reach out only to discover things didn’t go as you had hoped, remember to stay positive. Complaining and criticizing won’t accomplish anythingOn the other hand, responding, “Ok. What’s next?” shows you are committed. And obviously, a recruiter is going to want to spend more time on a determined candidate 

4. Your Recruiter Switched Jobs 

Hopefully, if your recruiter decided to leave their position, they will let you know. But unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. If, after repeated efforts, you can’t seem to get in touch with your individual contact, try calling the general office number. The receptionist or manager will let you know if something is amiss and help get you back on track.      

5. You’ve Partnered with the Wrong Recruiter 

Ultimately, a recruiter is supposed to make your job hunt EASIER. In other words, a recruiter should be following up with you rather than you needing to constantly follow up with themIf your recruiter is unresponsive or if you believe they aren’t being honest about your chances, your best bet is to move on. The right recruiter-candidate relationship should be a recipe for success, not frustration.         

Would You Like to Work with a Recruiter Who DOES Call You Back?  

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