Have Sunday Scaries? Five Ways to Cope

The weekend is half over, and you’re already starting to feel anxious about Monday morning. Do you have a case of the Sunday Scaries?

Here are five tips to help you cope. 

Revamp Your Weekend To-Do List

When the weekend began you had great plans. You were going to complete that home improvement project. Run errands. Prepare you meals for the upcoming week. Have some friends over for the game. Clean the house and get an early start on an assignment for work. Only on Sunday night, you realize you haven’t tackled any of those projects. No wonder you feel anxious. Your to-do list would scare anyone. Remember, there are only 62 hours between 5:00 p.m. Friday and 7 a.m. Monday. And if you log 8 hours of sleep each night, you’re left with 38 hoursTherefore, plan accordingly. If you always seem to overextend yourselfgive each task a time value to stay realistic. For example, Run Errands = 3 hours. 

Schedule Non-Negotiable Me Time on Sunday

Sunday is supposed to be a day to relax and recharge. Keep that tradition alive by setting aside at least one hour on Sunday just for you. You could go for a walk, take a yoga classget together with friends or even chill on the couch.  


It’s difficult to enjoy Sunday if you spend the day checking your email and planning your workweek. (That’s the purpose of Mondays.) Plus, constant connectivity adds to your stress levels. That said, some people feel better if they get a head start on work over the weekend. This makes sense too. However, set a timer so youthirty-minute check-in doesn’t turn into an unexpected three-hour marathon.  

Plan Something Fun on Monday

This simple tactic can help you look forward to the beginning of the week again. You don’t have to do anything extravagant. Simply make it fun. For instance, you could go out to lunch with your co-workers, order take-out for dinner or watch your favorite show. Some people create a standing Monday tradition while others like to be more creative and switch things up weekly.     

Identify the Problem

If despite your best efforts those Sunday Scaries won’t go awayyou may need to look at the bigger picture. Ask yourself, “WHY do I dread Monday mornings?” Maybe you don’t like your job? Maybe your boss makes your life unnecessarily difficult? Or maybe you’re struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance? Once you’ve identified the underlying problem(s)you can start working toward more permanent solutionsFinally, keep in mind, there’s no need to go through this process alone. A trusted friend or counselor can provide additional insights and guidance.    

Is a Poor-Fit Job the Cause of Your Sunday Scaries?

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