Four Reasons To Use Contractors

During a time of economic uncertainty, you may be hesitant to hire full or even part-time staff. Fortunately, there is another option. Here are four reasons to use contractors. 

What Is a Contractor? 

A contractor is a person who provides services to your business, but they are NOT on your company’s regular payroll. This individual may be independently employed or an employee at another organization. Typicallycontractors are paid by the assignment or for a set amount of time     

The Top 4 Reasons to Use Contractors 

1. Offer Flexibility 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to predict how many people your company will need. You don’t want to find yourself overstaffed and experience the pain of layoffs. However, you don’t want to be understaffed and end up overworking your current employees, either. Since contractors expect to move from one job to another, you can enlist their services without a long-term commitment. This may be days, months or more than a year. Plus, contractors are usually willing to extend their contracts if needed, so you’ll have a lot of staffing flexibility.

2. Contractors May Be More Cost-Effective 

Although contractors charge a fee, in most cases, your organization only pays a flat rateBecause contractors aren’t on your standard payroll, you don’t have to worry about health insurance, retirement plans or unemployment benefits. Over time, this can add up to significant savings.

3. Contractors Give You Access to a Specialized Skill Set 

Especially if you’re looking to complete a specific short-term project, such as installing machinery, contractors may be the way to go. Training or hiring someone for a one-time task can not only be more expensive but also less effective. Often, contractors offer specialized skills allowing them to complete assignments faster and more thoroughly than a less-trained professional. 

4. Contractors Can Become Part of Your Talent Pool 

What if you found an amazing contractor? You could sign them up for your next project. Or maybe you should consider adding them to your permanent roster? When it comes to hiring, contractors could be safer bet than someone you just met through an interview. After all, you already know the quality of their work. Of course, some contractors, especially those with a specialized skill set, may not be appropriate for your team. Nevertheless, this still is a smart recruiting strategy when you’re looking to build a pool of talented potential hir

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