Employee Perks to Offer in 2021

Are you hoping to keep your top talent and hire superstars? Certainly, money is important, but today’s workers often look beyond the paycheck. To improve both retention and recruiting, here are three employee perks to offer in 2021. 

Top Perks Workers Want in 2021 

Healthcare Insurance 

With the recent pandemic, healthcare is top of mind for most people. And company-based programs tend to be more comprehensive and less expensive than public or private options. Of course, not all organizations can afford to give everyone 100 percent coverage plus vision and dental. Neverthelessevery little bit helps. You may choose to split the cost of health insurance with your workers(They’ll pay for their portion through automatic payroll deductions.) Or offer group-discounted dental and vision riders which people could choose to sign up and pay for or not. Employer-sponsored Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and/or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are another fantastic way to encourage your employees to plan for and cover their health care costs. 

401(k) Plans 

Like healthcare insurance, 401(k) plans provide peace of mind for worker’s futures. Once again, some organizations have the resources to be more generous than others. Yet, even small businesses should be able to put together a competitive retirement plan. Since 401(k)s include both set-up and ongoing fees for employersit’s important to shop around for the best providerIn additionyou’ll need to decide how much to contribute to employees 401(k)s each year. Many companies choose to match 401(k) savings based on either a person’s salary and/or their individual contributions. If a 401(k) doesn’t seem right for your organization, you may want to consider other options such as SIMPLE IRA’s or profit-sharing.    

Flexible Working Arrangements 

Many employees who went remote during the spring of 2020 loved the freedom, and they don’t want to look back. Flexible scheduling may include everything from choose-your-own hours to compressed workweeks to work-from-home options. Undoubtedly, some working arrangements aren’t possible for some businesses. For examplemanufacturing facilities need people on-site during set hours. However, even in more structured environments, employers still could provide flexibility with start/end times as well as the length of shifts.  

Are You Hoping to Attract Top Talent with Your Employee Perks? 

Providing the right perks is only part of the hiring picture. First, you need to FIND the right people. Connnectology places manufacturing candidates with top companies throughout the upper Midwest. If you’re looking for talented engineers, managers or supervisors, our recruiters can help. Contact us today to discover your next superstar!