Cybersecurity Best Practices for Manufacturing Employees

In the past few months, you’ve probably heard several stories about businesses and cyberattacks. So, what can you do to keep your company safe? Start with these cybersecurity best practices for manufacturing employees. 

Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

Don’t Be Fooled by Phishing

Cybercriminals known as phishers try to trick people into clicking on fraudulent links. These links usually contain viruses and/or malware that have the potential to infect computer systems throughout your entire organization. Malicious links may show up in emails, as pop-up windows, or within your internet browser. Even if your company has strong security measures in place, phishers sometimes breakthrough. Therefore, beware of any suspicious activity. Also, keep in mind, phishing schemes often appear to be messages from legitimate businesses. However, if you suspect something isn’t quite right, always contact that company directly instead of using the links provided.       

Pay Attention to Passwords

Strong passwords, with a hard-to-guess combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, make a hacker’s life more difficult. Additionally, you should use different passwords for different accounts and change them regularly. That way if a cybercriminal figures out one of your passwords, they won’t automatically have access to ALL your information. (If you’re having trouble remembering all those passwords, learn how a password manager can help.) Finally, many businesses require multifactor authentication also known as two-step verification. Thus, you’ll need a username and password PLUS a second form of identification to log in. This could be a pin number, a fingerprint, or a temporary code sent to your cell phone.

Watch Your Wi-Fi

You’re on a business trip. So, you drop by a local coffee shop and connect to their public Wi-Fi to log in to your corporate accounts. No problem. Right? Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi may not be secure or encrypted. As a result, hackers could easily intercept your data. A virtual private network or VPN is a safer plan. If you’re not sure how to set up or use a VPN when you’re working remotely, contact your IT department.

Always Run Updates

Updates can be time-consuming and annoying, but they’re also essential. In many cases, software companies specifically roll out updates to protect against new cyber threats. Regularly review your operating systems, browsers, and security software programs to make sure you have the latest versions installed.

Talk to IT

If you ever have a cybersecurity question or concern, don’t hesitate to check in with your IT department. They would much rather assist you with a seemingly minor issue before it becomes a major security breach. Plus, keeping them in the loop about potential problems allows them to better protect your organization too.

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