Core Competencies Necessary to Reach an Executive Level in the Supply Chain Industry

You enjoy your job as a supply chain professional, but you’d like to advance to a leadership role. So, where should you begin? Here are three core competencies necessary to reach an executive level in the supply chain industry. 

Core Competencies for Supply Chain Executives 

A Global Perspective 

Today’s supply chains are international. This became abundantly clear during the COVID pandemic when both individuals and companies faced unexpected shortages. Therefore, supply chain professionals need to understand everything from the technicalities of trade agreements to local traditions. After all, to successfully work with people around the world, they must be able to see things from other cultures’ perspectives. Achieving these skills requires a combination of background research and real-life experience. If you’re interested in expanding your skillset, partner with a qualified mentor and/or offer to work on as many international projects as possible.    

Strategic Thinking 

Of course, supply chain professionals must successfully move goods from Point A to Point B. Plus, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost are important too. However, at the executive level, these individuals also need to recognize how the supply chain delivers value. For example, they may discourage an ambitious project or accelerate a stalled plan based on current circumstances. As with global perspective skills, you can build your strategic thinking power with a combination of research and on-the-job experience.          

People Skills 

Even though supply chain professionals move things, they work with people. Thus, interpersonal skills are vitally important. Ultimately, they must bring out the best in everyone, whether it’s their own manufacturing team or salespeople in another country. Necessary skills include strong communication, relationship building, teamwork and empathy. Just like the other two core competencies, these talents are best developed through practice. Look for projects where you interact with people and focus on improving your overall soft skills.   

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