Ways to Offer Flexibility to Your Manufacturing Employees

December 23, 2021

Work-from-home opportunities became more popular than ever during the pandemic. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to create these remote options for most manufacturing jobs. Nevertheless, your organization still CAN offer scheduling flexibility to your manufacturing employees. Here’s how. Top Ways to Offer Flexibility to Manufacturing Employees Provide Flexible Start/End Times Traditionally, manufacturing plants have set schedules.…

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Winter Warehouse Safety Tips

December 8, 2021

Without the proper precautions, warehouses can be a dangerous work environment. And colder temperatures introduce a new set of challenges. So, what practices should you put in place to keep your team safe? Here are five top winter warehouse safety tips. Top Winter Warehouse Safety Tips 1. Protect Workers from the Cold Especially if employees…

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How to Create a Positive Warehouse Culture

November 18, 2021

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, increases productivity and enhances retention. (Forbes, 2018). So, how can you make your warehouse a more inviting place to work? Start with these three strategies. Top Ways to Create a Positive Warehouse Culture Prioritize Safety Think about the concept of prioritizing safety. What does this suggest about your company culture? When you put the safety and wellbeing of…

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A Guide to Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing Workers

November 4, 2021

With the current employee shortage, finding workers is tough. And finding qualified manufacturing workers is even tougher. So, what can your organization do to stay ahead of the competition? Here are three strategies to close the skills gap. Top 3 Ways to Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing 1. Promote Manufacturing as a Career Many people have an outdated…

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Tips to Improve Cybersecurity for High Level Manufacturers

October 21, 2021

In the past few months, you’ve probably seen some of the following stories about cyberattacks in the headlines: One password allowed hackers to disrupt Colonial Pipeline; Howard University cancels classes after ransomware attack; Meat company JBS paid $11 million ransom to hackers. So, as a high-level manufacturer, what can your organization do to protect itself? Start with these cybersecurity tips. Tips to Improve Cybersecurity Regularly Review Your Cyber…

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Top Supply Chain Cybersecurity Risks

October 7, 2021

In the past few years, cybercriminals have successfully carried out attacks on industries ranging from insurance companies to meat manufactures. So, what are the top cybersecurity risks for the supply chain? And how can your organization protect itself? Top Cybersecurity Risks for the Supply Chain Ransomware Attacks Ransomware attacks mimic traditional ransom schemes. Only instead of holding a person or item hostage, hackers break…

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A Guide to Hiring and Retaining Top Mechanical Engineering Talent

September 16, 2021

Mechanical engineers are in high demand. So, how can you attract these professionals to your team? Here’s a quick guide to hiring and retaining top mechanical engineering talent.  Tips for Hiring Top Mechanical Engineering Talent  Build Your Brand A strong and well-defined brand will make your recruiting efforts easier. Think about places where people would love to work. Companies like Apple, Zappos and Disney probably come to mind. These organizations are innovative, exciting…

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Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency Through Management Software

September 9, 2021

To remain profitable and competitive, your manufacturing organization must optimize your supply chain. So, what can you do to achieve this goal? Here how to increase supply chain efficiency through management software.  Top Ways Management Software Increases Supply Chain Efficiency  Eliminate Unnecessary Manual Entry  Manually recording data is time consuming and boring for your employees. Management software automates many of these tedious tasks. This, in turn, gives your team the opportunity…

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How Operations Managers Can Improve Efficiency in Their Business & Employees

August 19, 2021

Are you hoping to build a better company? Would you like to improve efficiency and bring out the best in your employees? Here’s how operations managers can help.  What Is an Operations Manager?  An operations manager oversees and often redesigns processes within a company. Their overall goal is to ensure a business is operating at its full potential. The duties of an operations manager vary from one organization to the…

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Using Your EQ to Enhance Project Management

August 5, 2021

You have a fantastic team, but you’d like to further improve their productivity and performance. So, what can you do? Here’s how to use your EQ to enhance project management.   What Is EQ?  Whereas IQ (Intelligence Quotient) measures a person’s cognitive abilities, EQ (Emotional Quotient) measures their ability to understand and manage emotions. People with high EQs recognize the emotions of both themselves and those around them. Then, they use these observations to make…

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