C-Level Executives Should Give Up Their Offices – Here’s Why

If you’re a high-powered manager, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. Of course, one of the perks is your luxurious office space. So, do you need to turn in the keys? Here’s why C-level executives should give up their offices. 

5 Reasons C-Level Executives Should Give Up Their Offices 

1. Eliminate the Hierarchical Leadership Model 

If the CEO spends the day in a huge, extravagant, corner office, while employees are jammed in cramped, dark cubicles, what does this say? Clearly, the company regards managers as much more important than everyday workers. And although C-Level executives DO have additional responsibilities, everyone plays a role in an organization’s success. When Jonathan Wasserstrum, CEO of SquareFoot, implemented an open-office layout, he commented, “It sends the message that I may be more senior than you, but I’m not better than you.” (SHRM, 2019)

2. Promote Cultural Values 

Ultimately, office spaces should reflect the beliefs of the company. In other words, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Some businesses operate better with private or sectioned off spaces, while for others communal spaces re-emphasize their priorities. For example, Facebook uses its massive open office plan to inspire a culture of transparency. (Business Insider, 2015) 

3. Help Employees Feel Connected 

Being within earshot of C-level executives allows the rest of the staff to relate better to the organization’s overall missionEmployees will see for themselves what managers are working on and going through. This model also benefits less experienced workers who can learn by watching their veteran colleagues.   

4. Encourage the Spontaneous Collisions of Ideas 

When an employee wants to talk to their boss in a traditional office setting, they need to set up an appointment and/or knock on a door. Unfortunately, these obstacles can restrict creativityWhereas, without walls, the flow of thoughts tends to be spontaneous. And often, casual conversations and off-the-cuff pitches result in the most creative ideas.  

5. Stay on Top of the Business 

When C-Level executives are in the middle of the action (rather than locked away in an office) they’ll notice things they otherwise may have missed. As a result, they’re more likely to recognize successes, identify areas of concern and offer feedback in a timely matter. This can lead to increased productivity, higher morale and fewer problems.       

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