Best Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

After an interview, you’ll want to know how you did. Are you a top contender, or should you keep looking? Unfortunately, some companies are not great at following through with candidates.

Here’s how you can keep things moving without appearing annoying or desperate.

Step #1: Write a Thank You Note

Many job hunters overlook this step, but a thoughtful note can help you stand out from the crowd. Compose an email within four to twenty-four hours. Begin, of course, by thanking your interviewer. Next, express your interest in the position and highlight two to three skills that make you a good match. Finally, offer to answer any questions or provide additional materials. If a committee interviewed you, write an individualized note to each person. Mention something unique based on a question they asked or a conversation you had. Keep the letters brief and to-the-point. Everyone is busy, so respect their time. Sending a hand-written note a day or two later is a nice touch also.

Step #2: Check-in

If you haven’t heard anything after a week or two, don’t assume you didn’t get the job. Hiring managers and bosses have lots to do. A project, deadline, or a vacation may have put the process on hold. Wait a reasonable amount of time before reaching out. Either stick to the deadline mentioned (plus a few days) or wait a couple of weeks. Remember, this isn’t a “Did I get the job?” request. You simply are checking in. Write a three to four sentence email saying you enjoyed the opportunity and you are looking forward to their decision. End with a statement such as, “Please let me know if you need anything else from me.”  

Step #3: Ask to Stay in Touch

Even when an interview doesn’t go as planned, you still can use the experience to your advantage. Send a LinkedIn connection request to anyone you met. Be sure to include a personalized note with each. Thank everyone for their consideration. Tell them, although you are disappointed things didn’t work out, you would like to add them to your network. And, follow the company page to show you are interested in the organization, not just the paycheck. Occasionally, comment on their posts or pass along an interesting link. This is a smart way to stay top of mind. You never know. The hiring manager may be aware of another opening that is a perfect fit for a candidate just like you.  

Contacting a potential employer can feel awkward and intimidating. However, don’t take curt replies or cold shoulders personally. After all, if a business isn’t courteous enough to let you know where you stand, you most likely are better off somewhere else. 

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