Best Practices for Managing Star Employees

Your star employees create an example for your other employees to follow. This encourages your team members to elevate their performance.

Star employees are typically ambitious. This trait makes them attractive to other employers.

If star employees do not like the company they work for, they likely will find a job elsewhere. As a result, you must do what you can to encourage them to remain with your organization long-term.

Follow these best practices for managing star employees:

Provide Challenging Work

Keep your star employees engaged with complex work. This helps develop their strengths and abilities.

Providing stretch assignments lets your star employees expand their comfort zone. They also can reach bigger goals than they have before.

Assigning challenging projects lets your star employees take ownership and be responsible for the outcomes. This encourages your employees to stay loyal to your organization.

Offer Professional Development

Your star employees value training and development. They prioritize learning and developing their skills.

Ensure your star employees have access to opportunities that develop or add to their skill sets. This encourages engagement in the options.

Consider offering development opportunities in the star performers’ weak areas. For instance, you may want a star performer to present at a conference to share their knowledge and develop their speaking skills.

Clarify Goals and Expectations

Provide your star employees with clear, ambitious goals and high expectations. This motivates them to improve their performance.

Ensure you include customized career development goals for your star employees. This should consist of long-term plans for advancement within the organization.

Hold your star employees to high standards. This includes individual performance, treatment of others, and workplace etiquette.

Allow Independence

Let your star employees have as much control as possible over their work. This promotes trust and respect.

Provide goals, objectives, and guidelines for projects. Then, let your star employees go to work. Make yourself available to answer questions and provide support as needed.

Provide Recognition

Recognize your star employees for their contributions and results. Include what they accomplished and how it impacted the organization.

Acknowledging your star employees’ successes shows they are valued, respected team members. This reinforces the fact that they are essential members of your team.

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