Are You Being Purposeful About the Skills You Are Developing and Learning on the Job?

As the manufacturing industry continues to change, you need to change along with it. This involves keeping up with the latest skills that are relevant to employers.

The more in-demand skills you have, the more opportunities you gain. This helps you adapt as you move forward in your career.

Discover some ways you can purposefully develop manufacturing skills at work.

Programming Manufacturing Devices

Factories depend on machines to create products. However, as technology and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to evolve, there is less need for employees to operate and manually run the machines.

As a result, there is greater demand for employees who can program the machines and manufacturing devices. Knowing how to program advanced engineering software increases your value to an organization. It also provides additional career opportunities.

You can develop your programming skills in the following ways:

  • Take online CAD, CAM, or CNC training courses
  • Practice programming and coding
  • Ask coworkers to demonstrate new machines and programming tools

Robotic Monitoring

As AI and machine learning (ML) programs continue to be used in manufacturing, the development of robotics skills becomes increasingly important. These skills include the ability to program or repair robotic systems, program automated systems, and monitor robotic and machine performances.

The development of robotics skills increases your value to the organization. It also provides new career options.

You can develop your robotic monitoring skills in the following ways:

  • Research the types of robotics used in your company
  • Take online robotics courses
  • Ask to help with work projects involving robotic monitoring

Technical Machining

Understanding how to use the machines and complete tasks within your manufacturing plant is important. This increases your qualifications for other manufacturing roles.

You can develop your technical machining skills by doing the following:

  • Take an online course that teaches basic machining skills
  • Observe and demo the machines in your factory
  • Ask to learn new machine processes or practices

Lean Manufacturing

Evaluate the big picture processes in place at your factory. Focus on finding and eliminating areas of waste without sacrificing product quality. Thinking strategically about the processes being used lets you find ways to make them smoother and more efficient.

You can develop your lean manufacturing skills by doing the following:

  • Learn about inventory and production systems that make lean manufacturing easier
  • Look for areas of waste in your job
  • Talk with your manager about methods to reduce the waste while maintaining product quality

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