A Guide to Hiring and Retaining Top Mechanical Engineering Talent

Mechanical engineers are in high demand. So, how can you attract these professionals to your team? Here’s a quick guide to hiring and retaining top mechanical engineering talent. 

Tips for Hiring Top Mechanical Engineering Talent 

  • Build Your Brand
    strong and well-defined brand will make your recruiting efforts easier. Think about places where people would love to work. Companies like Apple, Zappos and Disney probably come to mind. These organizations are innovative, exciting and they treat their employees well. Of course, your business won’t have the brand recognition of Apple. Yet, you still can successfully highlight your top selling points in both everyday communication and throughout your hiring process.      
  • Create a Talent Pool
    Don’t wait until you have an opening to start searching for candidates. Always be on the lookout for talent. And if you find someone for whom you don’t have a position right now, stay in touch. So, when you DO need a mechanical engineer, you can give them a call. 
  • Use Multiple Recruiting Methods
    Although job board and “Help Wanted” ads are the most popular recruiting method, they aren’t your only option. Be creative with hiring initiatives. Soliciting referrals, networking and partnering with a recruiting agency also are highly effective ways to find the people you need.  

Tips for Retaining Top Mechanical Engineering Talent 

  • Pay Fairly
    It’s a fact. If the business down the road pays mechanical engineers twice as much as you, you’re going to lose employees. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must have the highest compensation rates. However, you should know people’s market value and stay within that range. Also, consider how to supplement salaries with great benefits and perks. Many individuals would gladly accept a slightly lower paycheck in exchange for comprehensive healthcare benefits or flexible working hours.  
  • Give the Job Meaning
    Ultimately, employees want to look forward to going to work. They want to feel like what they do makes a difference in this world. Therefore, inspire your team by giving them a mission and a purpose not just a job. Show them how the products they create improve peoples’ lives, push the boundaries of creativity and/or contribute to sustainability efforts 
  • Offer Professional Development Opportunities
    According to a recent Forbes study, “86% of respondents said they would change jobs if it meant more opportunities for professional development.” In other words, your employees are hoping to land at a company where they can expand their knowledge and grow. Plus, investing in your team not only improves retention but also morale and overall performance. 

Is Your Company Searching for Talented Mechanical Engineers? 

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