7 Ways to Calm Yourself Down Before an Interview

It’s easy to feel anxious before an interview. After all, your future could depend on your performance. But before you work yourself into a frenzy, follow these seven tips and remain calm, cool and collected.

Do Your Homework

Preparation is a key ingredient for staying calm. Whenever you begin to fret about your upcoming interview, stop worrying and start researching. Learn more about the company by visiting their website and social media pages. Or, study the best responses to commonly asked interview questions. The more you know, the more confident you’ll be.

Ask Yourself, “What Is an Interview?”

This sounds like a silly question, but many people get the answer wrong. An interview is NOT a pass/fail event. It’s a conversation to find out 1) If you are you right for the job and 2) If the job is right for you. Sometimes, despite a flawless interview performance, you won’t be the best-qualified candidate. And other times, you’ll walk away when the position isn’t a good fit. You’re not trying to win the interview, so take some pressure off.     

Don’t Get Nervous, Get Excited

Did you know you can reframe those heart-thumping emotions into a more positive light? Anxiety and excitement are closely related. Therefore, moving between the two requires relatively little effort. And, research backs up this theory. In a recent study, people who said, “I am excited” aloud before a stressful activity performed better than people who said, “I am anxious,” “I am calm” or nothing at all. 

Call a Friend

If you find yourself starting to panic, call in the reinforcements. A supportive friend can give you a pep talk, help you put things in perspective or make you laugh. A little encouragement from the right person often makes a world of difference. 


Breathwork is a wonderful method for refocusing your energy. When your stress levels begin to rise, sit tall and concentrate on your breathing. Count each inhale and exhale up to ten. Then, repeat until you regain your composure.   


Research shows, putting a smile on your face (even if you’re faking it) can improve your mood and reduce stress. Plus, smiling also positively affects the people around you. So, you’ll be calmer, and your interviewers will feel happier. Talk about a win/win situation. 

View Every Interview as a Learning Experience

A bad interview can be heartbreaking, but it isn’t the end of the world. If things do go wrong, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, make a list of what you learned. By concentrating on improvements rather than mistakes, each interview can be valuable (and less threatening) regardless of whether you get the job.    

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