6 Ways to Close the Employee Connection Gap

Communication is one of the best ways to bridge the connection gap in your organization. Encouraging dialogue among leaders, managers, and employees promotes understanding and helps to reach company goals. The more informed employees are about business-related issues, the more valued they tend to feel. This helps increase engagement, productivity, and the bottom line.

Implement any of these six tips to foster more effective connection with employees in your organization.

1. Identify the Areas with Weak Communication

Understanding which areas require strengthened communication helps you bridge the employee connection gap.

  • Look for signs that leaders, managers, and employees are not in sync.
  • Examples include employee confusion about goals, indecisiveness, and different approaches to problem-solving that do not work well together.
  • Fixing these communication issues helps your company operate more smoothly.

2. Consider the Differences in Employee Generations

Employees from different generations likely have diverse communication preferences.

  • Older employees may have different ways of approaching a problem than younger employees do.
  • Whereas older employees may choose more traditional methods to overcome obstacles, younger employees may prefer to use technology.
  • Finding ways for employees of all generations to work together to determine the best approach to solve problems benefits everyone.
  • You may need to invest in specific types of training, especially involving technology, for certain employees.

3. Review the Communications Between Managers and Employees

Going over written correspondence between managers and employees may uncover areas of misunderstanding that led to issues.

  • Determine where the miscommunication occurred.
  • Provide the accurate information.
  • Work to resolve the problem.
  • Find ways to improve the communication style going forward.

4. Update the Technology

Using the latest technology can improve communication throughout your organization.

  • Replace outdated software and equipment.
  • Ensure the internet is effectively functioning for videoconferences, email, and online chats.

5. Encourage In-Person Conversations

Having face-to-face discussions can help improve connections among leaders, managers, and employees.

  • Reading body language, facial expressions, and other visual cues helps facilitate connections.
  • Talking in-person shows that managers care what their employees say.
  • Employees who feel heard typically perform their best each day.

6. Promote Employee Recognition

Remind managers to thank their employees for their contributions and results each day.

  • Positive reinforcement encourages more of the desired actions and behaviors.
  • Point out specific actions the employees took and how they benefitted the organization.
  • Provide bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate.

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