6 Outside Sales Tips to Be Successful

In the continuously evolving sales industry, the most effective sales techniques still are being used today. Although the processes may be slightly different, the results typically lead to closing on deals. Knowing what some of these techniques help*– you move forward in your sales career.

Choose among these six tips to increase your success in outside sales.

1.    Understand Your Product  

Find out everything there is know about the product you are selling. This provides a foundation to answer any questions your prospects have. Your ability to give details on your product and what makes it unique helps it stand out from your competitors’ products.

2.    Uncover Your Prospect’s Pain Points

Discover the problems and obstacles your prospect is facing. Make a list of specific ways your product can solve problems and overcome obstacles. Use this information to create compelling reasons why the prospect should do business with you. Focus on the value your product can provide and how the prospect will have an easier time because of the benefits they receive.

3.    Find the Best Times to Connect

Use data to determine the most effective days and times to call your prospects. According to a study by Salesmate, Wednesday between 4 pm and 5 pm is when prospects are most likely to answer their phone. Consider calling your highest value prospects during this time.

4.    Listen More Than You Talk

Pay more attention to what your prospect is saying than how you want to respond. Focus on their needs and concerns. Ask open-ended questions to gather additional details. Show your interest in helping your prospect overcome their problems and obstacles. This helps you build relationships and uncover more information that can lead to a sale.

5.    Overcome Objections

Proactively determine why a prospect might not want to do business with you. Common reasons involve budget, contract length, or the need for more information. Prepare your answers before meeting to close on a deal. Bring any charts or documentation that can help you build your case. Continue to ask follow-up questions to uncover more information that can guide your prospect to accept an offer you both are happy with.

6.    Upsell and Cross-Sell

Show each customer how upgrading to another product or adding on a complementary purchase can give them even more value. Include specific benefits your customer can gain and how this will make their job easier. Because your customer already trusts you and has committed to a purchase, they should be open to considering an upsell or cross-sell. Decide which product would be most appealing, realistic, and beneficial before pitching it. Include the logic behind the customer’s intent to purchase so they see why the suggestion is in their best interest.

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