5 Qualities to Look for in a Manufacturing Engineer

Your company is trying to hire a manufacturing engineer. So, what skills does the perfect candidate need? Here are 5 qualities to look for in a manufacturing engineer. 

Top Skills for Manufacturing Engineers 

Design Experience

Manufacturing engineers bring ideas into existence. As a result, candidates must be able to effectivity use 3D design software. Examples include AutoCAD, Autodesk, Allegro CAD and SolidworksIdeally, you’ll want an engineer who has been trained on your chosen (or a similar) program.

How to Assess: Work sample tests or experiential interviews are an excellent way to evaluate design experience. Have candidates to complete a basic task on your software. This allows you to see their skills in action. 

Knowledge of Quality Management Systems

Strong quality management helps your organization avoid mistakes, create better products and increase efficiency. A talented manufacturing engineer will not only maintain but also improve your processes. They should either be familiar with your system or demonstrate a thorough understanding of overreaching concepts.

How to Assess: Ask questions to uncover the depth of your candidate’s experience. These may include “What strategies would you apply to maintain/improve product quality?” or “Have you used ISO 9000, Six Sigma or Statistical Process Control? How?

Understanding of Sustainable Manufacturing 

The idea of sustainable manufacturing has been popular for years. However, it is quickly becoming a necessity in the modern world. The right candidate should have the knowledge to assist in expanding your efforts. 

How to Assess: Behavioral interview questions can provide insight the depth of their expertise. For instance, you could ask, “Were you able to implement any sustainable manufacturing practices at your last position? Please explain.” 


Even if your manufacturing engineer isn’t a manager or supervisor, leadership skills still are important. They may need to run a project from start to finish, navigate through obstacles and/or convince others to implement their ideasAll these tasks require the ability to take charge. 

How to Assess: Once again, behavioral question may be beneficial here. Specifically, “Which project would you consider your most significant career accomplishment to date and why?” This seemingly general inquiry has the potential to provide lots of information about taking ownership and collaborating with others.

Willingness to Learn 

With technology advancing at a breakneck speed, today’s perfectly trained manufacturing engineer may be out of date within a few months. Therefore, search for candidates who are eager to learn moreAfter all, employees who embrace challenges and chase progress are the ones who will take your company into the future.  

How to Assess: Check for signs your candidate is a lifelong learnerYou’re hoping for enthusiastic responses to the following: “Have you completed any courses and/or training recently?” and Here are some of the professional development opportunities we’re offering next month. Which ones would you be interested in?” 

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