5 of the Highest Paying Manufacturing Jobs

You’re hoping to build a more profitable manufacturing career. So, what types of roles should you consider? Here are 5 of the highest paying manufacturing jobs. 

Top Paying Manufacturing Jobs 

  1. Production Managers
    Production managers plan, coordinate and oversee the daily operations of manufacturing plants. They make sure products are produced safely and meet quality standards. Additionally, they are responsible for delivering items on budget and on time. 
    2020 Median Pay: $108,790 per year or $52.30 per hour*
    Educational/Training Requirements: A bachelor’s degree, usually in business administration or industrial engineering, and at least five years of on-the-job experience
    Job Growth 2021-2021: Slower than average at 1%* 
  1. Mechanical Engineers
    Mechanical engineers design, develop, build and test mechanical devices, tools and engines. They create everything from small parts to heavy machinery. Typical duties include data analysis, redesign efforts and prototype testing.
    2020 Median Pay: $90,160 per year or $43.35 per hour*
    Educational/Training Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or mechanical engineering technology
    Job Outlook 2021-2021: As fast as average at 4%* 
  1. Industrial Engineers
    Industrial engineers figure out how to manufacture products or deliver services with maximum efficiency. They look for ways to minimize waste and optimize workers, machines, materials, information and energy. Industrial engineers often work on teams with other engineers and production staff.
    2020 Median Pay: $88,950 per year or $42.76 per hour*
    Educational/Training Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in industrial, mechanical, electrical, manufacturing or general engineering
    Job Outlook 2021-2021: Much faster than average at 10%* 
  1. Cost Estimators
    Cost estimators calculate the time, money, materials and labor required to manufacture a product. They review the manufacturing process, collect and analyze data. Then, they use this information to assist management in price determination or bidding.
    2020 Median Pay: $66,610 per year or $32.03 per hour*
    Educational/Training Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in business, finance or engineering as well as some on-the-job training
    Job Outlook 2021-2021: Decline of -1%* 
  1. Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Machinery Maintenance Workers and Millwrights
    Industrial machinery mechanics keep machines in working order by detecting and correcting errors before problems occur. Machinery maintenance workers perform basic maintenance and repairs. And millwrights install, dismantle and move machinery. 
    2020 Median Pay: $54,920 per year or $26.40 per hour*
    Educational/Training Requirements: A high school diploma or 2-year associate degree in industrial maintenance plus at least one year of on-the-job training and/or apprenticeship programs 
    Job Outlook 2021-2021: Much faster than average at 13% 

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* As reported in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.