5 Networking Tips for Manufacturing Professionals

Even if you aren’t currently looking for work, growing your network is a smart career move. After all, you never know who might help you land your next job. Are you ready to start building connections? Follow these five networking tips for manufacturing professionals.   

1. Get to Know Your Coworkers 

When you’re trying to expand your network, your own organization is the perfect place to start. Your colleagues can introduce you to new people and new opportunities. Reach out, learn more about your coworkers, ask for their advice, and build friendships. Although often overlooked in networking, your colleagues can be an amazing resource. 

2. Create or Update Your LinkedIn Account 

Many people mistakenly believe LinkedIn is primarily for business professionals. However, LinkedIn can be a fantastic tool for manufacturers too. In addition to discovering new connections, you can use LinkedIn to keep track of your current contacts. If someone relocates or changes jobs, you won’t need to worry about figuring out their new email address. Get into the habit of sending LinkedIn connection requests to those you know, those you meet and those you would like to get to know. This will allow you to stay in touch, participate in online conversations, and share information. 

3. Attend a Conference or Join a Trade Association

Industry events are a wonderful way to meet like-minded people. Plus, they work well for different personality types. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll love the socialization. Whereas, if you’re an introvert, you can focus on attending seminars and discussing work topics with fellow manufacturers. And, of course, remember to connect with everyone you meet on LinkedIn.

4. Offer to Help

Networking is a two-way street. The more your help others, the more willing they will be to assist you. Do you have a connection who is searching for a new job? Let them know about a company you’ve heard is hiring? Is one of your coworkers struggling with a project? Put them in touch with a vendor you met at a recent conference who may have a possible solution. Remember, networking isn’t just about you; it should be a chance for everyone to learn and to grow.      

5. Set Networking Goals

To be successful, view networking as an ongoing process. There is no finish line. Set objectives to continue moving forward. For example, you could try to add one person to your LinkedIn network each month. Attend two industry-related conferences each year. Or help at least three people in the next six months. Write your goals down and put them somewhere you will see them. Then, evaluate your progress and adjust as needed.

Are You Hoping to Use Networking to Find a New Manufacturing Job?

The professional recruiters at Connectology have connections with top manufacturers throughout the Upper Midwest. We would be happy to review your application, tap into our relationships with hiring managers and guide you to the best opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of networking with us today!