5 Management Practices to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Your employees are accomplishing less work than usual. So, what can you do to get things back on track? Try these 5 management practices to increase your team’s productivity. 

Top Practices to Increase Your Team’s Productivity 

Set Clear and Focused Goals

Your employees will have difficultly staying on task if they don’t understand what they need to doTherefore, clearly define and communicate your organization’s objectives. Exactly what are you hoping to achieve? Increased sales, decreased costs or new and better product linesIn additionmake sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). For example, “Increase sales,” is too vague. How do you know when you’ve succeeded? However, “Sign up 100 new clients for XYZ program by July 1st,” is straightforward and easy to measure.  

Offer Flexible Working Arrangements

The COVID-19 pandemic proved it IS possible to work from homeOther flexible working arrangements may include flex time as well as compressed workweeks. Although some managers worry employees will use only use this freedom as an excuse to slack offother companies have had remarkable successIn fact, several studies report flexible workers are not only more productive but also happier and healthier.   

Provide Training 

Sometimes lower productivity is caused by a lack of training. After all, if employees are confused about HOW to use a machine or apply a process, they’ll be less efficient. Of course, professional development will cost your organization money up front. Nevertheless, the short-term loss is well worth the long-term gains. And as a bonustraining programs also have been shown to encourage creativityreduce turnover and improve a company’s reputation. 

Bring in Extra Help

If your organization is short-staffed or unusually busy, you may be asking your current team to put in lots of extra hours. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best idea. Research shows, “employee output falls sharply after a 50-hour work-week and falls off a cliff after 55 hours.” Thus, you employees could be working more, achieving less and setting themselves up for burnout. In these cases, bringing in extra people to share the load is a better solution. A local staffing service will connect you with contract workers whom you can easily add to and then subtract from your roster.     

Say Thank You!

A little appreciation goes a long way. Sure, you’re providing your team members with a paycheck and benefits, but a simple compliment can invigorate someone’s day. Plus, employees who feel appreciated will work harder. Thank you’s may include anything from a quick text message to a handwritten note to small rewards like gift cards. Or if you want to celebrate team accomplishment, such as successfully meeting a goal, consider throwing an impromptu company-wide party.     

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