4 Ways to Successfully Onboard Manufacturing New Hires

Many companies overlook the importance of the onboarding process. And, those first days can have a significant impact on an employee’s long-term performance. Here are four ways to successfully onboard manufacturing new hires.

  1. Contact Employees Before They Begin
    Welcome your new hires to your organization before they walk through the door with a phone call, an email or even a care package. Provide information to make their opening day less stressful. For example, you could give them parking instructions as well as a schedule for their first day. If your company has an online portal, send them their log-in information so they can start filling out paperwork and reviewing training documents (if they wish). And, if you’re mailing a package, consider throwing in some corporate swag to build their team spirit.
  • Be Prepared for Their Arrival
    Most of us have heard a story about someone who showed up for their first day of work only to find the company was completely unprepared. Don’t be that company. You want your new hires to feel valued, not forgotten. Start with their workspace. Make sure they have everything they need, including a computer with log-in credentials, a desk or workstation, a security badge and, if necessary, a locker. Also, set a structured schedule for their first eight hours. You don’t want them standing around wondering what to do next. And finally, try to spread out paperwork. No one wants to spend an entire day, especially their first day, filling out forms.
  • Assign them an Onboarding Buddy
    Not surprisingly, onboarding is more likely to be effective if you include multiple members of your team. In fact, in a pilot program at Microsoft, new hires who were paired with a buddy for their first 90 days reported a smoother transition and expressed greater satisfaction with the onboarding process. Recreate this practice within your organization by recruiting experienced employees to show others the ropes. Give these veterans the extra time they need and encourage them to meet frequently with their new buddies. Microsoft found optimal results when pairs met at least eight times within a 90-day window, but even meeting once or twice proved beneficial.   
  • Focus on the Individual Not the Company
    Traditionally, organizations onboard employees by telling them what they should do and how they should do it. However, research shows onboarding that encourages authentic self-expression produces a more productive, innovative work environment. Rather than giving your new hires rules, regulations and instructions, begin with a one-on-one conversation. Ask them to tell you about their unique perspectives and strengths, and then ask how they could apply these talents to the job. Allowing employees to define themselves at their authentic best is a powerful motivator.     

Is Your Manufacturing Company Looking to Onboard New Hires?

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