4 Strategies For Securing The Best Manufacturing Talent

Top employees are a key element in creating a successful company. So, how can you recruit and hire an exceptional team? Follow these four strategies for securing the best manufacturing talent. 

1. Use Multiple Recruiting Methods 

When your company has an open position, what do you do? Most organizations immediately post a Help Wanted ad. And although often this generates decent results, sometimes a traditional strategy isn’t enough. Therefore, your business should look for multiple ways to source candidates. Additional tactics may include asking for referrals, retraining or upskilling current employees, networking at industry events and/or revisiting old applications. After all, a candidate you passed over a few years ago may be a perfect fit now. Combining a variety of recruiting efforts allows you to build a larger pool of potential applicants. And the larger your pool, the better your chances of discovering the perfect fit. 

2. Build Your Market Presence 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of needing to advertise to fill open positions, people automatically approached your company and ask for a job? Although this may sound like an impossible dreamcertain organizations DO attract candidates like a sold-out Broadway show. Apple and Google may come to mind. How do these businesses gain so much attention? In most cases, they’ve earned a reputation as a great company and a great place to work. Of course, your businesses may not be able to develop international buzz like Apple. However, you can build a market presence within your community by treating your employees well; sponsoring local events; donating to charitable causesproviding ongoing internships and training programs; and recruiting at high schools, colleges and job fairs. 

3. Partner with an Employment Agency 

Especially when your organization is hiring for high-level positions or unique skill sets, finding the right person can be a challenge. Fortunately, a recruiting firm can help. Think of recruiters as your industry’s talent scouts. They have larger networks and insider insights, so they know exactly where to look for the person you need. This expertise can lead to both better and faster results. Plus, since most agencies offer contingency services, you only pay IF the recruiter finds someone you decide to hire.  

4. Focus on Retention 

Even if your company has developed a top-of-the-line hiring and recruiting program, high turnover can undermine all your efforts. Obviously, you don’t want to lose all those talented employees you worked so hard to gain. As a result, continually look for ways to improve your retention rates. These efforts may include creating an enjoyable onboarding processinvesting in your workforce and giving your employees a sense of purpose. 

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