4 Industrial Skills You Should Brush Up on for the New Year

Do you work in manufacturing? Are you hoping to advance your career in 2021? Here are four industrial skills you should brush up on for the New Year. 

4 Top Industrial Skills for 2021 

Artificial Intelligence

The Age of AI is here! Today, powerful processors allow computers to look for patterns, plan outcomes, make complex decisions and learn from their mistakes over time. This technology has already transformed several industries like software, finance and manufacturing. And although AI probably won’t result in mass unemployment, it will replace highly repetitive jobs. Therefore, workers must learn the skills required to thrive in this evolving environment.

Recommended Courses: Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines ($24.99) and Machine Learning by Stanford University (free without certificate)

Cloud Computing

These days everything seems to be saved in the cloud. As a result, companies need employees who understand this game-changing technology. Necessary skills include managing internal networksconnecting to the top three cloud platforms (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform), troubleshooting and maintaining security.

Recommended Courses: Learning Cloud Computing: Networking ($34.99)Amazon Web Services AWS Training (free and paid options)Microsoft Learn for Azure (free without certificate) and Cloud Architecture with Google (free without certificate)

Data Science 

As companies connect their machinery and products to the Internet of Things (IoT)they will begin collecting enormous amounts of data. So, how can businesses APPLY all this information? For this task, they’ll require employees who know how to organize and transform big data into useful insights. These insights, in turn, will allow them to improve product quality, increase the speed of operationsdecrease costs and identify both pitfalls and opportunities. 

Recommended Courses: Data Science Foundations: Data Engineering ($24.99) and Python Data Science (free without certificate)

Industrial Design

Culture, technology and business intersect in industrial design. And, as always, companies will be eager to hire and retain employees who can create practical and eloquent products. Individuals who are familiar with various Computer-aided design (CAD) tools will be valuable also.

Recommended Courses: Design Foundations: Prototyping and Manufacturing ($34.99) and 2D Industrial Design with CAD ($94.99) 

Are You Hoping to Advance Your Industrial Skills in the New Year? 

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