4 Biggest Safety Concerns in Manufacturing

You want to keep your employees, your customers and your company safe. But, where should you focus your efforts? Here are four of the biggest safety concerns in manufacturing. 

1. Poor Maintenance

In an effort to save time and money, some organizations downplay the importance of regular maintenance. Unfortunately, this attitude can be a recipe for disaster. Workers may not notice a broken or run-down machine until after an accident occurs. On the other hand, ongoing maintenance allows companies to identify issues and avoid problems. In fact, in the long-term, a preventive policy usually leads to increased productivity and higher profits.

2. Inadequate Safety Training

Safety training is another area where businesses may try to cut corners. As with ongoing maintenance, well-developed safety programs take time and cost money. However, once again, smart organizations recognize safety is worth the effort. Well-trained employees will be able to react quickly and decisively when emergencies do arise. This could be the difference between a well-handled situation and a tragedy. 

3. Failure to Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Often, personal protective equipment isn’t convenient or comfortable, but it does keep workers safe. Organizations that neglect to enforce PPE rules are putting both their employees and their business at risk. Workers should know and understand what PPE they need to wear, while supervisors should make sure all equipment is used properly and in good repair.    

4. Carelessness

Sometimes safety standards seem over the top, and even the most conscientious employee may think about taking a shortcut now and again. Nevertheless, companies with a strong safety culture realize a single mistake can have devasting consequences. Overlooking the rules, skipping steps, and failing to report minor problems may seem harmless at first, but eventually this leads to risky behavior. Therefore, manufacturing organizations should strive to follow all safety standards consistently and rigorously.       

Are You Working to Address Safety Concerns at Your Manufacturing Plant? 

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