3 Tactics To Target Passive Job Seekers

If your organization is searching for top talent, you’ll want to recruit both active job seekers as well as those who are happily employed. But, how do you advertise to candidates who aren’t looking?

Use these three tactics to target passive job seekers. 

Advertise on Social Media

Passive job seekers aren’t searching the job boards. They DO, however, spend time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social sites. Meet them where they are by posting “We’re Hiring” ads across your company’s social media channels. And, be sure to make your advertisements stand out with eye-catching graphics as well as informative job descriptions. For even more visibility, encourage (but don’t force) your current employees to like or share these posts. After all, research shows people are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family. If you’re looking for more social media recruiting tips, check out this article on effectively using social channels to find employees.

Network Continuously

Of course, you and your employees regularly connect with other industry professionals. Nevertheless, hiring expert Scott Wintrip recommends taking your networking efforts to the next level, so your business can create and maintain a strong flow of high-quality candidates before they are needed. Wintrip refers to this strategy as “always interviewing; occasionally hiring.” (SHRM, 2016) How is this possible? Successful organizations use a variety of methods including hosting events, mining social media and soliciting referrals. Also, remember, simply collecting contact information is not enough. You’ll need to cultivate these relationships by staying in touch. That way, when you’re interested in offering someone a position, they’ll already know and love your company.

Partner with a Recruiting Firm

Think of recruiters as your industry’s talent scouts. They have long lists of both active AND passive candidates. As a result, recruiters know lots of people who like their jobs but may be interested in a new challenge. And, chances are, this isn’t someone your organization would be able to discover on its own. Plus, most staffing firms offer low-risk contingent search solutions. This means you’ll pay a fee ONLY if you decide to hire a candidate.        

Is Your Company Hoping to Target More Passive Job Seekers? 

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