3 Signs You Need a New Job

Everyone has bad days at work. But, if those bad days are stacking up, you may be ready for a change. Here are three telltale signs you should start a job search sooner rather than later.

You Dread Going to Work

Of course, most people prefer Friday afternoons to Monday mornings. However, if you spend your whole week dreaming of the weekend and your whole weekend worrying about the upcoming week, you need to re-evaluate. The average American spends 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime, so it’s in your best interest to like what you do. Make a list of pros and cons. What do you like about your job? And, what do you hate? If you only identify a few drawbacks, ask yourself if these are things you could repair. For example, you could escape a difficult co-worker by switching departments, but a toxic corporate culture presents a larger problem.

You Feel Like You Are Stuck in a Rut

Maybe you enjoyed your job at first. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to be making any progress. You haven’t received a raise or a promotion. You haven’t had the chance to tackle any stretch assignments or new challenges. And, frankly, you are bored. Best-selling author Timothy Ferriss recommends asking, “Are you better off than you were one year ago, one month ago, or one week ago? If not, things will not improve by themselves.” Try scheduling a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your career goals, but if this doesn’t work your best bet is to move on. Staying in a dead-end position for too long damages both your professional growth and your earning potential.

Your Job Is Literally Making You Sick

A bad working environment can negatively affect both your physical and mental health. You may be experiencing sore muscles, headaches, stomach problems, weight gain/weight loss, insomnia and anxiety as well as an increase in flus and colds due to a weaker immune system. You shouldn’t take these problems lightly. Long-term stress and dissatisfaction can lead to more serious problems including heart disease and depression. Are you willing to lower your life expectancy to keep your position? Probably not. If you can’t find a way to improve your current situation, consider looking elsewhere.   

Although the idea of switching jobs can be terrifying, remind yourself, lots of people successfully navigate this transition. Be strategic. Don’t walk out on a whim. (If you voluntarily quit, you usually can’t collect unemployment benefits.) Start by reassessing your goals. What is your dream career? What is possible? And, what do you need to do to get there? Then, polish your resume, network, check the job boards and begin planning for a new adventure.

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