5 of the Highest Paying Manufacturing Jobs

September 23, 2021

You’re hoping to build a more profitable manufacturing career. So, what types of roles should you consider? Here are 5 of the highest paying manufacturing jobs.  Top Paying Manufacturing Jobs  Production Managers Production managers plan, coordinate and oversee the daily operations of manufacturing plants. They make sure products are produced safely and meet quality standards. Additionally, they are responsible for delivering items…

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A Guide to Hiring and Retaining Top Mechanical Engineering Talent

September 16, 2021

Mechanical engineers are in high demand. So, how can you attract these professionals to your team? Here’s a quick guide to hiring and retaining top mechanical engineering talent.  Tips for Hiring Top Mechanical Engineering Talent  Build Your Brand A strong and well-defined brand will make your recruiting efforts easier. Think about places where people would love to work. Companies like Apple, Zappos and Disney probably come to mind. These organizations are innovative, exciting…

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Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency Through Management Software

September 9, 2021

To remain profitable and competitive, your manufacturing organization must optimize your supply chain. So, what can you do to achieve this goal? Here how to increase supply chain efficiency through management software.  Top Ways Management Software Increases Supply Chain Efficiency  Eliminate Unnecessary Manual Entry  Manually recording data is time consuming and boring for your employees. Management software automates many of these tedious tasks. This, in turn, gives your team the opportunity…

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Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Sector of the Supply Chain Industry

September 2, 2021

You served your country, and now you’re looking for a job with a private company. So, what steps do you need to take? Here’s how to transition from the military to the civilian sector of the supply chain industry.  How to Move from a Military to a Civilian Supply Chain Job   Translate Your Skill Set  Often, there’s a difference between military and civilian job…

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