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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Production Manager

June 28, 2021

Do you work in a factory or industrial setting? Are you interested in pursuing a supervisory role? A production manager role may be right for you. Here’s everything you need to know about this job.  Basic Facts About Production Managers  Responsibilities  Industrial production managers plan, coordinate and supervise the production of materials. This usually includes a wide variety of tasks. For example, one day a production manager may be optimizing production techniques to keep everything on schedule and…

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How Frequently Should You Review Safety Training?

June 21, 2021

Your organization understands the importance of safety, and you carefully train all your new hires. However, you realize this isn’t enough. Your employees will need refresher courses too. So, how frequently should you review safety training?  Companies Should Review Safety Training…  Annually, Quarterly, Monthly and/or Weekly  Since your everyday business keeps you busy, it’s easy to let safety training…

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10 Safety Tips All Light Industrial Workers Should Follow

June 14, 2021

If you work in a factory, warehouse or plant, you know your job presents various dangers. So, what can you do to keep yourself and your coworkers safe? Here are 10 top safety tips for all light industrial workers.  Top 10 Safety Tips for Light Industrial Workers  Use Tools and Machines Properly When you’re having a busy day at work,…

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Why Communication and Safety Go Hand in Hand

June 7, 2021

You want to keep your workers and your company safe. So, where should you begin? It may start with better communication. Here’s why communication and safety go hand in hand.  Improve Safety with…  Clearly Communicated Expectations What ARE the safety rules at your organization? If your workers don’t know, they won’t be able to follow them. Therefore, your company must clearly…

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