Why Sales Experience Can Help with Any Position

May 24, 2021

You may not be interested in working in sales. However, did you know sales experience can help with any position? Here’s why you may want to embrace your inner salesperson after all.  Top Benefits of Sales Experience  You Master People Skills When you’re in sales, you regularly approach someone you don’t know and convince them to buy something. To be successful, you must perfect a range-wide of…

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Here’s Why You May Want to Consider Rehiring a Former Employee

May 17, 2021

You hired someone, and they didn’t work out. Now, they’ve reapplied. Should you look at their application or skip it? Here’s why you may want to consider rehiring a former employee.  Here’s Why You May Want to Consider Rehiring a Former Employee Benefits of Rehiring a Former Employee  You Know What You’re Getting Hiring is risky. Sometimes a candidate with a perfect resume and a…

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5 Management Practices to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

May 3, 2021

Your employees are accomplishing less work than usual. So, what can you do to get things back on track? Try these 5 management practices to increase your team’s productivity.  Top Practices to Increase Your Team’s Productivity  Set Clear and Focused Goals Your employees will have difficultly staying on task if they don’t understand what they need to do. Therefore, clearly define and communicate…

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