10 Resume Skills to Feature for a Technical Sales Job

Finding your next technical sales job involves knowing which skills to include in your resume. Highlighting your relevant skills helps your resume get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to a hiring manager. This increases your odds of being contacted for an interview.

Emphasizing the skills listed in the job description shows you fit the requirements for the position. Including in your resume examples of how you used these skills in previous roles demonstrates your proficiency. This encourages the hiring manager to schedule a time to talk with you about the position.

The following are 10 top resume skills with examples to feature when applying for a technical sales job:

1. Sales Process

  • Responsible for all parts of the sales process, including customer introduction and recommendations
  • Manage direct sales process responsibilities for territory sales
  • Maintain communications with the office and customers throughout the entire sales process, from lead nurturing to sale closing

2. Business Development

  • Provide customers with engineering and technical support about product improvement and new business development
  • Participate in domestic and international trade shows to increase brand awareness, sales, and business development
  • Prospect and contact current and prospective customers using Oracle/Sun technology

3. Sales Support

  • Assist with method development, provide post-sales Support, and troubleshooting guidance to optimize customer satisfaction and retention
  • Provide sales presentations, training programs, and customer seminars for technical sales support specific to each product line
  • Provide sales support for troubleshooting, implementation, and billing for services and customer education for industry products

4. Post Sales

  • Conduct post-sales site surveys for equipment space and power source
  • Assist pre- and post-sales teams with analysis and specifications for software installs
  • Managed 200+ direct accounts providing pre- and post-sales and technical Support

5. Original Equipment Manufacturer

  • Create and execute sales and marketing plans selling high-performance, environmentally and user-friendly finishes to industrial OEM accounts
  • Coordinate quotes for design engineers and purchasing managers, then negotiate and close OEM sales for a connector and cabling manufacturer
  • Discover and cultivate large OEM accounts in building management and energy monitoring

6. Technical Assistance

  • Provide delivery, product innovation, technical assistance, and profitable solutions to customers to secure new revenue sources
  • Follow up with customers to provide technical assistance for successful implementation
  • Receive, research, and respond to customers’ technical inquiries

7. Sales Representative

  • Manage merchandise resets and coach and mentor technical sales representatives at a lumber dealer level
  • Participate in sales calls with outside sales representatives and regional managers
  • Develop and implement training materials for new technical sales representatives

8. Product Line

  • Develop new supplier contacts to diversify the product line and increase profits
  • Monitor daily product line availability and sales
  • Manage seismic restraint and vibration isolation product line

9. Customer Relationship Management

  • Analyze CRM sales intelligence metrics to increase the profitability of marginal accounts
  • Configure pricing strategies and quoting techniques using CRM software
  • Train new hires on products, sales skills, and CRM database operations

10. Technical Support

  • Provide technical Support for product knowledge, specific ingredient applications, formulation assistance, and product development
  • Provide product recommendations and technical Support for laboratory staff through a call center
  • Provide engineering and technical support for existing and new products set for present and future distribution

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